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As an independently owned and operated Canadian company, guided by quality and lean manufacturing principles, TRICANDIRECT is a manufacturer and distributor of energy equipment and product solutions to improve business.  


Applying thought leadership, and expertise in an array of disciplines from research, strategic planning, design, engineering, manufacturing to distribution, are the key benefits for our client partners.


With offices and warehouses In Southern Ontario, Canada and the affiliated companies in the U.S, TRICANDIRECT is proud to work with local and global companies within various industries including: Petroleum, Retail, Commercial, Industrial, Automotive, Transportation (Land, Air & Sea Transport) Education, Environment, Government, Mining, Pharmaceutical, Parks & Recreation, Manufacturing, Waste Management, Hotels, Hospitality and Food Service.



High Quality & Cost Effective 

TRICANDIRECT provides high quality + cost effective on-demand products for use in various industries.


Stock & Custom 

TRICANDIRECT provides both stock  + innovative custom designed solutions for your business challenges. Our design team can also make recommendations on your site survey.



TRICANDIRECT is committed to being at the forefront of enhancements to our existing product lines to suit your specific requirements and to long-term growth with continued product diversification.


Ignite & Engage

TRICANDIRECT products perform in outdoor and indoor locations to increase sales, improve visibility, provide sales assist, merchandise effectively, ignite + engage your customer.

Product Solutions to Improve Business

Pairing Quality & Lean Manufacturing to Build Your ROI




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