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Plan to stand out and thrive in a crowded retail environment. Our products improve visibility, increase sales, upsell and provide sales assist, merchandise effectively, and ignite + engage your customer. We recommend the right retail solution, product and strategy to meet the intended and successful outcome.


Create impact and momentum at retail!

Mar 10-11, 2015

Visit us at Carwacs Toronto


TRICANDIRECT is exhibiting a Carwacs Toronto, Booth 528. 6900 Airport Road, Misissauga, Ontario. Conference Centre Entrance. Carwacs. Learn about profit building, enhancing your customer's shopping experience as we share highlights of our product line up.


Feb 2, 2015

Wiarton Willie Says Yes to an Early Spring


Groundhog Day 2015.This annual midwinter celebration involves the predictive powers of a groundhog and his shadow. Should he see no shadow an early spring is predicted. Awoken by cheers of faithful followers,the famous groundhog Wiarton Willie, predicted an early spring among cheers and laughter.




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