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Recycle Bin 2 Wheel _Weston

Recycle Bin 2 Wheel _Weston

• Lid options: standard Organic or paper slot hasp lock
• Standard lip grip
• Available with or without molded in plastic or rotating metal catch bar
• Choice of 8” diameter or 10” diameter rubber wheels
• 2 wheeled bins is designed for a variety of applications such as recyclables, organic waste and general waste
• Manufactured using high-quality recyclable polyethylene
• Processed through high-pressure injection moulding, which guarantees long life expectancy and resistance against chemicals, frost, heat and UV radiation
• All metal parts, like axles, are corrosion resistant and manufactured from solid high quality galvanized steel
• Reinforced comb edge compatible with standard waste removal equipment
• Large print areas on both the body and lid for custom printed graphics
• Multi-purpose hinge and handle system for both tilting and maneuvering

• Green, Blue, Charcoal, Brown, Light Grey and Black
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