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Recycle Bin_Liam

Recycle Bin_Liam

• Covered dome lid on this recycling bin is perfect for any recycling program indoors or outdoors
• Decals allow you to personalize your recycling center to fit your sustainability program
• 30-gallon capacity container is ideal for high-traffic locations
• Decals included: Plastic Bottles, Aluminum, Glass, Plastic Bags, Paper, Mixed Recyclables and Trash
• Two recycling logo decals are included to clearly identify each container
• Environmentally-friendly; promotes recycling
• Moulded from at least 25% post-consumer recycled polyethylene material
• Units are shipped in a carton made from recycled material
• Easy snap-fit cover keeps rainwater out
• Uses standard 30-gallon trash bag
• 6” diameter opening fits most recycled contents
• 1-year warranty
• For larger trash options available
• OPTIONAL hardware can be ordered to attach two or more units together
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