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The power of colour at retail

How does colour work at retail? Simply put, it depends on what your intentions are. Colour impacts purchase decisions in a big way. It can impact which product is selected over another.

Colour is not only confined to a product. Surrounding colours in a retail environment and on retail fixtures also guide purchase decisions. According to the Color Marketing Group, a professional organization of colour trend forecasting, colour can account for up to 85 percent of the reason people buy one product over another, Discover the powerful effects, the phycology and best uses of colour.

Red Stands Out.

If you want to make a statement, red is your colour. Red has the power to stand out and to be noticed. This is most effective if you have one singular message that you would like to drive home. Overuse of a powerful colour can reduce the effectiveness. The key is to use it sparingly to stop customers in their shopping path. There is no coincidence that red lights are red!

Yellow and orange have the same impact effect. You may have noticed sale signs at Walmart utilizing red and yellow. In this situation, they are associated with discount pricing. To overcome the overuse issue, consider limiting the use between 10% to 25% of your retail environment.

Orange is happy.

Orange is a "Stay a while" colour! Use orange in your call to action.

Yellow is fresh.

A great way to use a high impact colour in an upscale manner is to use it with a consistent background colour. A burst of yellow flowers against white background, for example, makes a welcoming and invigorating statement.

Blue Sits back.

Blue is trusted in a quietly confident manner. Blue does a great job to solidify customer confidence and sense of security. For that reason, blue is widely used as a corporate and banking colour.

White is Bright.

White is a perfect backdrop and has the ability bring attention and focus highlighting product look, feel, features and benefits. Consider white for short-term use. For long-term use, be certain to choose white materials that can be easily cleaned. This will reduce the maintenance costs in both labour and cleaning products to care for this pure and beautifully simple colour.

Black is strong.

Black is an anchor colour and is associated with sleek design and high-end luxury brands. In a completely contrary use, black works well in the marketplace to disguise some retail wear and tear and it is also easy to maintain. Black is typically available in many material finishes. This makes black an easy colour to specify and match. You can reduce costs incredibly by adding black in your retail or corporte environment.

Green is friendly.

Green has become associated with Eco-friendly products. Green will work well for you and help tell your story about your environmental efforts and commitment to sustainability. Green is also a relaxing colour.

Colour evokes emotion. It impacts purchases. When logic and emotion are at odds, Emotion wins. Too much of one colours can irritate your customers and the right amount can compliment your product offering

Ask us how you can turn browsers into buyers with the power of colour.

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